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sleeve to be continued…….

Fijian Samoan Mix, Female Tattoo on back.

Paul Junior Suluape will be here in Wellington, NZ from Aug 27 – Sept 14 during which he will be doing a Pe’a and Malu at Taupou Tatau and the City Gallery Wellington.

If your interested in getting a Traditional or Contemporary Samoan Tatau from Su’a Paul Suluape contact us at or private message us! Small and Medium size pieces welcome!

Mural going up in the City Gallery Wellington, space being fitted!

Paul Junior Suluape, Taupou Tatau & Killa Kutz

August 10 - October 7 2012

Day 4 of the Leg Sleeve continued, this sitting was the calf muscle, side of calf and back of thigh around to knee.

Leg Sleeve continued….3rd day in a row! Knee and inner thigh!

Second sitting (2 days in a row) addition to outer, front and inner thigh….more to come!!! #LegSleeve #kustompolynesianfreestlye #staytunned! Andy, Taupou Tatau, 84 Dixon St, Level 1, 5504452,

Big ups to Daniel who has booked Andy out for the whole week, he’s getting a full leg sleeve from hip to ankle, this is the first session….to be continued!!!